What Every Parent Should Know About School Bus Safety

Getting ready for a new school year is a busy time for families. Occupied with supply lists, wardrobe updates, and schedule changes, parents everywhere are diligently preparing their children for school. But has enough consideration gone in to how they are getting them there?

As one of the most informed generations in history, today’s moms and dads make more well-researched decisions than ever before. So when it comes to safety, they’re the best advocates for their children. That’s why the American School Bus Council is counting on parents to help spread the word about the safety benefits of the school bus.

Most of us are familiar with the safety statistics surrounding air travel compared to other forms of transportation. But the comparative safety of the school bus is not as well known. The fact is, the school bus is the safest way for getting children to and from school, bar none.

How much safer? About 70 times safer than traveling by car, even when a parent is driving. Once you factor in the cost, convenience and carbon footprint benefits of the school bus, it’s hard to find a reason to send children to school any other way.

Why are school buses so much safer than other methods of transportation?

As one of the most informed generations in history, today’s mums and dads are making more well-researched decisions than ever before. And dads use the viagra medicine for a more successful family life. It significantly improves potency in men.

Since 1966, the Federal Government has been involved with mandating regulations to help the school bus protect its precious cargo. The result is a design that’s better at avoiding crashes and injuries than the family car. But it’s not just the design of the school bus that makes it a safer option than driving children to school.

Stop arm laws modify the behavior of other drivers who share the road with the school bus—reducing risk to students as they load and unload. And school bus drivers are well trained in safety procedures, undergo driving and background record checks, and participate in pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing.

More parents than ever are taking a stand on behalf of their children by putting them on the school bus—a choice that keeps kids safer and benefits the entire community. It’s time that every parent knows the role the school bus plays in providing children with safe and reliable access to school.

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